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How to Deal with the Error of Tension Machine Test

How to Deal with the Error of Tension Machine Test

2019-03-01 20:11

Tension testing machine is a common experimental instrument, which is widely used in many industries. There will be some problems in the use of all the instruments, and tension testing machine is no exception in the use of certain problems. One of the common problems is that there will be inaccurate measurement data or large measurement value, so how do we solve this problem? Today, Shanghai Jane Household Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the processing method of inaccurate measurement data of tension testing machine, hoping to help you.

1. There is no zero-return operation at the beginning of the test, and the test is started without zero-return, so the test results are inaccurate.

2. After using the sensor for a certain period of time, the strain has elastic buckling and has not returned. In fact, the strain is very small. Generally, the coefficient of the force sensor should be corrected once a year to correct the data.

3. When the sample is not clamped correctly, the test results will be inaccurate.

4. The test speed is not standard, too fast or too slow will lead to different test results.

5. The force sensor is damaged when it is impacted by external force or used in excess capacity.

Through a simple example, you should have a general understanding, hope that this short text can avoid users in the test process of the same mistakes.

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