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About Us

XM Instrument is an advanced representative of Chinese test equipment, including R & D, production, sales , and global service. XM has the advanced R & D conditions and production environment,covering an area of 3500 m². XM cooperate with the famous enterprises,scientific research institutions and university laboratories.Products are widely used in electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, physical, reliability and environmental testing. XM also provide various customized services on non-standard testing, etc.

The main products include:

    –    Environmental aging test;

    –  Testing of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other consumer electronic products;

    –  Mechanical test;

    –  Battery physical performance test;

    –  Waterproof test;

    –  Flame retardant test of materials;

    –  Finished product packaging test;

    –  Impact test;

    –  Surface treatment test/abrasion test;

    –  Non standard customized test, etc.

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